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I offer you aesthetic and creative graphic design with the knowledge and experiences of more than 5 years of Graphic Design and Printmaking job.

Whether you’re looking for a complete branding solution, stunning new logo, newspaper/book layout, business card, engaging flyers/brochures or appealing posters, here I am to help you quickly, creatively and efficiently with affordable prices.


Designing and developing website is like a storytelling. A website presents thoughts, intention and their uniqueness. I create websites that build brand awareness, grow audiences and do business. I ensure my designs are responsive enough to work on all desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Each website is optimized for all the major search engines such as Google. I make certain your business can be found online with ease.


With the skills and experiences of print journalism, radio journalism and other various journalism trainings, I can write contents for blog, website, magazine and newspapers.

If you are interested in translating anything Nepali to English, English to Nepali or software/apps language translation into Nepali/English; I can offer you appropriate solutions.

Hey, I’m Rajesh Budhathoki!

I am a graphic designer and web developer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have a passion for graphic and love to code the web. I have 5 years of experience in graphic design and printmaking.  I’m a movie and book fanatic; love to write stories and blog. Let my work tell you about my better self.

Rajesh Budhathoki


We're a handful of people in the bus the door and windows are locked widespread cold within us we skate through serpentine roads with each other— heads dash and bodies collide. Yet we don't spell any word and, don't raise our heads for apology. Through smartphone— our...
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आसन्न मृत्यु

मर्नु एक कला हो, हरेक किसिमका कलाझैँ अपवादले मैले यसलाई निर्वाह गर्न सकेँ । —सिल्भिया प्लाथ सप्तकोशीको यो गर्तले मलाई बोलाइरहेछ, “डब् मेरो शरीरमा र सम्पूर्ण जीवनलाई विर्सजन गरी दे ! तेँरो क्षणभङ्गर शरीर के का लागि ? आत्मनिष्ठूर बनेर किन बाँच्छस् ? फाल हान् जीवनमा कुनै...
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वेश्याकाे कथा

कथाकार, आत्मनिष्ठूर बन्दैछु म । म वेश्या हुँ, यसो भन्दा मलाई कुनै हिच्चकिचाहट हुँदैन । जब म एकान्तिक हुन्छु, तब विगतका अभिव्यञ्जनाहरुले मेरो घाँटी निमोठ्न थाल्दछन् । प्रश्रव वेदनामा छटपटाइरहेकी स्त्रीझैँ म छट्पटाउन थाल्छु, आफ्नै विगतप्रति । मैले यौनजस्तो नितान्त...
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Untiring Heart

Kaya has become childish today. It seems as if her childhood has returned back. She attacks me as a hungry tiger attacks its prey. She is stubborn and remains firm in her attitude. Sometime she comes to sit in my lap as a pet cat. She holds my Collar of Shirt and...
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An affordable Graphic & Web Designer in Nepal

Starting up or an established business, I can help. Providing professional and affordable design solution based in Kathmandu, Nepal; ready for the world. I’m currently available for freelance work.


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